How to put an armor away.

①Place the name tag face down in the original box and wrap it in white paper or put it in a plastic bag to prevent it from dirty.

②Lay down the orange protective cloth provided.
Remove the helmet and gently pull the body out of the core wood and put it away as shown in the photo.
Wrap the Part of metal in thin paper.

③Wrap metal parts such as crown of the head and helmet crest in soft high-qaulity thin paper.
Put fur shoes and other things away in a box.

④Wrap the helmet and Knee armor in soft high-qaulity thin paper.

⑤Place the helmet away in the empty space on the left side. (Please refer to ① to ⑤.)

⑥Cover the protective cloth from both sides.

⑦Pack a rolled up soft paper in the empty corners of the box.( Don’t press too hard.)
Wrap the lid of the box with high-quality paper and cover the box with the lid.

⑧Put the attached box in the bottom of the cardboard box ,then Put the box from top and cover it tightly.


How to put away the helmet.

➀Cover the box with the protective cloth provided with the Hishigata.
Put the Hishigata away in the bottom of the box.

②Wrap the Hishigata and part of crown in a soft thin paper.
Wrap the crown as shown in the picture so that the two pieces do not touch each other directly.

③Wrap a Fukikaeshi of helmet in soft thin paper.
It is recommended to wear thin gloves to avoid touching the metal surface with bare hands.

④Put the protective things in the helmet.

⑤Put the helmet away in the box and Wrap a Front of Metal fittings and Hisigata stand in soft thin paper.

⑥Cover that with a protective protective cloth, then wrap the name tag in plastic or white paper and put it in the box.

⑦Put the core wood in the empty space.
Put a soft rolled up paper in the empty space.

⑧Put the lid on the box.