We entrust traditional technology with the Japanese sprit.

Our company was established more than 50 years,
We’ve carried on the tradition from the first generation,
Our company is a single-minded dedication to make an armor.
The reproduction of Tadayasu’s armor is not limited to armor, that is with a wonderful representation of the Japanese spirit and It can be called a comprehensive craft, combining the techniques of metalwork, Urushi Lacquering, dyed and woven leather.
In order to recreate this traditional craft in the modern age, we produce each product by hand with all our heart, using techniques that have been refined through years of study.


Careful historical research and craftsmanship.

The reason why Tadayasu’s armor has always received such high praise is that it has devoted all of his knowledge, skill, and spirit to making armor.
We are always on the forefront of historical research, and we research and study a lot of materials to make sure that all the information we can find is reflected in our armor.
Tadayasu’s armor is notable for its insatiable attention to detail.

Technical skills

We never compromises.
Best products supported by courage.

Decorative parts(Tatemono), Woven leather(Kozane), Woven strap(Odoshiito),
Gold brocade(Kinran), Metal fittings(Kawadokoro)…
Armor is completed only after 5,000 steps of work.
The skilled craftsmen of each specialty continue to put their heart and soul into each piece of work, redoing it again and again until they are satisfied.
This uncompromising courage sustains Tadayasu’s armor.
Tadayasu’s armor is handcrafted with painstaking care.
This is best product made by putting all our heart and soul into it.

Our wish

Intelligence, human virtue and courage are the wishes of Tadayasu.

During the Warring States period a Samurai who possessed the three virtues of wisdom, That is Intelligence, human virtue and courage was considered the ideal warrior.
That is also Tadayasu’s wish.
We want them to grow up with intelligence, human virtue and courage, just like the knowledgeable samurai who had a broad mind.

―――We want you to shine forever and ever, like the dazzling sun of May.
Wishing for the heroic growth of his children,
Tadayasu is hard at work making armor.